Antenna TV

Antenna TV isn’t dead. We promise. In this digital age, where options for entertainment have gone many directions, most of them internet-dependent, interest in cable and satellite TV service has declined. While TV signals are now digital, they’re still on the air, and they’re still free with Antenna TV.

Many people have cut their cable package to save on costs, and use Netflix or other streaming services for online access to entertainment. But not everything you might want to watch is available online, and even if it is, it may take several different services to get it all. This can eat up any extra money you’ve gained cutting out cable.

A basic TV package from cable can be anywhere from $25 to $50, with usually over 100 channels. But you can easily reach that same price by adding even just 2 streaming subscriptions together– things like Amazon’s PrimeVideo and Netflix, plus the cost of internet access.

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This is why some of our customers who’ve cut their cable have been asking about rooftop or indoor antenna TV installation. Local and national sports are almost non-existent on streaming services, many popular primetime shows aren’t available on streaming until after the current season is over, and PBS is also only available on the airwaves. But both sports and some of these popular shows are still on primetime, airing on digital signals.

Over the Air TV in Utah

About 90 percent of the Utah and Salt Lake valleys can get good TV reception with a proper antenna setup. For example, west Provo has reception of about 23 channels, according to TV Fool After the cost of setting up an antenna, you won’t have any monthly subscription bills, but you will have access to Monday night football and other sports as well as those primetime TV shows.

Notably, over-the-air (OTA) TV signals are uncompressed, unlike cable, and offer the best picture quality– but you usually can’t pick up that signal without a decent antenna, usually an outdoor type. There are a lot of benefits to OTA TV, but they do require a good antenna.

There are a lot of options for antennas, many of which are small, low profile and mount indoors. Oftentimes these work just fine— occasionally, other high power wireless gadgets can make these less effective, which makes an outdoor or rooftop antenna attractive. Alternatively, sometimes just moving your device (like a wifi router) to another room can do the job nicely.

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